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Parenting Plan Modifications

Parenting Plan Modifications

Many changes happen after a parenting plan has been agreed upon or ordered by the Court. What if the children are now in school, and the current plan is no longer working? What if your work schedule changed and you want more visitation with your child? What if the other party is not following the plan? These are all questions that Witt Law can answer and assist you with. 

There are many reasons that a parenting plan could and should be changed. At Witt Law we will review your current parenting plan, and help you develop a new proposed plan. If both parties agree it can be submitted to the Court for approval. If they do not agree, Witt Law can assist you in requesting a parenting plan modification. 

Legal Aid of West Virginia provides information regarding parenting plans and visitation, Here.

Call us to schedule a free consultation to determine your rights regarding visitation and parenting plan modifications.


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