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Your brand is your business's most valuable asset.


Protecting your intellectual property is a vital step to take for your business. Clients trust Sara Chapman Law, PLLC. when they are seeking to register their trademarks or obtain a clearance search for a business or product name. 

Whether you are just starting out or ready to secure your brand, our experienced attorneys will guide you through the process step-by-step. We help you ensure the future of your company by building value through protecting the core of your business.


You create and we protect!




Divorce can be undeniably complicated. Sara Chapman Law, PLLC. is here to walk you through the process and achieve the results that will make long-lasting positive differences in your life. 


We are dedicated to finding, pursuing, and achieving the right solution for you and your family. 


You might be asking yourself, “Do I really need a lawyer for my divorce?”


If you have property, children, or plans to retire, you should always consult with an attorney to understand your rights. 


There are countless aspects of divorce that are often overlooked:


What party gets to live in the house?

Who gets custody of the children?

Spousal support?

What about retirement? 


What matters to you most? We will develop a plan of action to tackle these important questions, and Sara Chapman Law, PLLC. will work diligently to get you your desired outcome.



We help our clients obtain copyright by assisting with filing of applications for copyright registration.

We are here to assist with procurement, licensing, and transferring of copyrighted works including art, musical pieces, photography, literary works, or any other original design or production.

In addition, Sara Chapman Law, PLLC. will help you resolve copyright infringement claims through whatever means necessary- mediation, settlement, or litigation.

We provide legal help to give you exclusive rights over your original work.



Choosing the right business entity and formally registering your company is crucial to maximizing its potential and limiting liabilities. 

From the moment you begin any business activity like purchasing a business, establishing a new company, or going into partnership, Sara Chapman Law, PLLC. will provide counsel regarding the formation of your business whether a partnership, S-corporation, C-corporation, limited liability (LLC), or other form of entity. Our attorneys’ dedication and depth of experience provides valuable insight as we closely examine and consider every aspect of your business. We will recommend a suitable legal structure to provide maximum protection of your interests.

Maximize the potential of your new business with Sara Chapman Law, PLLC..



Understanding your business's contracts is essential.

A contract is generally defined as a legally binding agreement made between parties that acknowledges the rights and duties that govern the arrangement. Whether it’s an agreement between partners or with independent contractors, we have you covered! They include:

  • Formation of entities (e.g., corporation, LLC, partnership)

  • Employment matters (e.g., independent contractors)

  • Commercial torts/Civil litigation

  • Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreements

  • Residential and Commercial leases

  • Business purchase and sales

  • Intellectual property matters

  • Stock purchases and securities

  • Shareholder derivative suits

  • Non-competition covenants

  • Foreclosure and Bankruptcy


In order to protect your business and your financial interests, our firm will prepare, negotiate, and review your contracts.


Don't let contracts, or lack there of, be a reason you or your business is in court.


Sara Chapman Law, PLLC.

Working to Protect What is Important to You

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