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Trademark Law


Why Witt Law?

Protecting your intellectual property is one of the most important things you can do for your business. We regularly represent clients in Trademark Law and work hard to stay on top of all of the latest changes in intellectual property law.

Your business is one of your most, if not THE most important asset you have. You need a lawyer that regularly practices trademark law, and not someone that only dabbles in it. This is why multiple clients trust our firm when they are seeking to register their trademarks or obtain a clearance search for a business or product name. 

Starting a business?

Contact us for a clearance search so we can rule out any potential issues with your business name. We will provide you with an extensive report that combs multiple databases, along with a letter that analyzes the hundreds of search results and gives you our analysis as to the potential to get the name registered at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and your other options.

Want to prevent wasting money and time on marketing materials for a business or brand you will not be able to trademark? A clearance search allows us to look at the federal registry, domain names, social media, and the internet to determine what types of potential problems could arise due to your business or product name. 

Already established a successful brand and want to protect it?


We will assist you in filing your application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We will provide updates as to the status of your application at each stage and handle all correspondence from the United States Patent and Trademark Office on your behalf. 

Call Witt Law for help with all of your trademark needs.

Witt Law can help you register your word mark or design mark in any US state. We provide you with flat fee services so there are no unexpected bills and we explain the Trademark Process and work with you throughout the entire process. 


The trademark process is one that you do not want to attempt alone. Reach out to schedule a free consultation.


Sara Chapman Law, PLLC.

Working to Protect What is Important to You

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