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DIVORCES-  Contested and Uncontested 

When going through a divorce, a common question is, "Do I need a lawyer?" The short answer is, probably. In West Virginia while one does not need an attorney to get divorced, if you have property, children, or retirement you should always consult with an attorney to understand your rights. 

There are forms online at the West Virginia Supreme Court Website, Legal Aid, and in your County Clerk's Office that one can complete to file for divorce without an attorney. 

Links to those  forms can be found here: 

At Witt Law we will walk you through the Divorce process, and make sure you are aware of your rights under West Virginia Law. 

There are many aspects of Divorce that many people don't consider. Who gets to Iive in the house? Can I get spousal support, or will I have to pay spousal support? What about my retirement? These are questions that I can discuss with you, and develop a plan of action for your situation. Do not navigate the court system alone. Call for a free consultation to determine what is the best course of action for your case. 


Sara Chapman Law, PLLC.

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